Thursday, 2 December 2010

what happens when it gets really cold

I've mentioned more than once that it is jolly cold in Mongolia. We are beginning to get used to it now. Reading about the media angst in Britain is hilarious; we long for any sign of humidity and as for -10C, that sounds deliciously balmy! It hasn't crept above -20C for longer than I can remember.
A few odd things happen when temperatures are this low.
Last week my nasal passages froze. I was completely incapable of picking any snot and blowing was right out. Walking is tough. When you first leave the house the soles of your shoes have a little warmth in them. This melts a bit of the ice which then refreezes on your shoes. You end up walking ice on ice, no end of fun. If you are outside for too long without protection your face swells up and you get white blotchy patches. This means frostbite and you should get indoors immediately. If you are out walking without enough layers of thermal clothing your legs catch chill blanes which is delightful sensation. My pet hate is body shape. Despite exercising on a daily basis everyone living around the -30C mark puts on between 5-10kg; it is so unfair.
I learned a great trick. If the temperature is less than thirty walk outside with a mug of boiling water and throw it into the air. The water immediately turns into snow. Hours of fun!
I have under two weeks before I return to the tropical weather in the UK.
Mongolian of the day:- freeze :: kholdokh