Sunday, 28 June 2009

deep in the Pays Basque

Leaving St Jean de Luz eaerly this morning I headed into Basque heartland of the Pyrenees with my friends Bruno and Pascale (together with their perfect children). After a two hour drive following the rhythm of the mountains we arrived at Les Gorges de Kakuetta.
One of the wildest spots in Europe, Kakuetta is described as the Amazonia of the temperate latitudes. The breathtakingly high dripping wet gorge winds through the Pyrenees for several kilometres before arriving at the Grotte aux Lacs. A stunning array of ancient stalactites and stalagmites create the feel of being in another world. Walking through the gorge is walking through history. At the entrance stands an C11th church, the gorge itself has been eroded over millenia. High above the rich vegetation has offered abundant pasture to herds of livestock over the centuries. Very little has changed in the gorge or in the surrounding villages. The sound of fauna and scent of flora have not altered. If you close your eyes you can imagine being in almost any century.

Basque of the day:- ancient :: antzinakoak