Thursday, 25 June 2009

St Jean de Luz shopkeepers

St Jean de Luz is back to normal now after the festival. There is a ten day lull before the onslaught of tourists arrive in July. I like the fact that despite being Scottish I too am dreading the arrival of 'outsiders'. I do, however, recognise their importance. Without the plethora of wealthy visitors who will roam the streets over the next two months St Jean de Luz wouldn't be the town it is. So, to sacrifice one sixth of the year feels like a small price to pay.

My study offers me a wonderful down the main shopping street, rue Gambetta, and onto the Pyrenees beyond. There is one shopkeeper in particular I enjoy watching. A young chap, and clearly one with the ladies, he has a very pleasant lifestyle. Shop opens at 1000, closes for three hours at lunch then remains open till seven. He wears a different array of fashionable attire each day, so is clearly earning enough to make ends meet, and during open hours spends most of his time standing in the street drinking coffee, smoking cigarettes and talking to his brother shopkeepers (or any attractive girl he can persuade to dally). He seems very content with his lot although I have never actually seen him make a sale.

Basque of the day:- quiet :: isilkor