Thursday, 22 July 2010

hot daze in Ulaanbaatar

It is unseasonably hot in Ulaanbaatar. Definitely windows closed weather. An average summer will see temperatures knocking 30C, today we recorded 44C and it is getting hotter. For a Scotsman abroad this is testing the limits.

Having moved outside town at the weekend at least I get fresh air rushing in from the mountains but at the moment even that is hot. Hawks, buzzards and eagles seem to be revelling in the weather. They spiral upwards effortlessly on currents before plunging headfirst back to earth for a bite to eat.

The local kids seem to be enjoying the scorching weather too and are jumping happily into the nearby river. The same river serves as a road in winter with ice nearly two metres thick. Given the dryness and altitude the sun is incredibly strong; factor 50 needs to be replenished every 30 minutes you remain outdoors.

At present my only option is to sit as still as possible in an effort to keep cool. With the view I have this is no mean chore.

Mongolian of the day:- river :: gol