Thursday, 15 July 2010

sexy warrior princesses in Ulaanbaatar

Today I felt like a public shoolboy in Ulaanbaatar. It is not every day that you see three very pretty girls walking around dressed up as warriors of Chinggis Khaan - I was most taken aback!

It is an interesting city that has not failed to surprise me. Today is my last day before checking out of the hotel (the Kempinski is excellent if anyone finds themselves here). I have been confined to my room trying to get some work done. Other than odd stolen minutes leaning out of the window to take in daily life I have been glued to my screen. The stolen moments were beginning to feel normal: I have grown used to the physical appearance of people here (very striking); the erratic driving is becoming passe; the changing light as thunder clouds steal the sky from the searing sun though still special is almost expected. However, as I enjoyed watching a group of older gentlemen chewing the cud I raised my line of sight above and beyond the buildings nearby. It is in so doing that I am constantly reminded that I am not in Kansas anymore.

Peppered along the surrounding mountains are a multitude of gers. Where suburban sprawl and 2.43 kids would occupy the fringes of a European city; nomadic Mongols and their horses take up station in Ulaanbaatar. It feels as though we are surrounded by people from another age who are laying seige to us. I can't wait to explore more tomorrow...

Mongolian of the day:- camel :: temee