Friday, 22 October 2010

desert rat

Today may be my last ever blog post. In about an hour I am setting out across the mountains and on into the Gobi Desert. We will be travelling for around five days on a return trip to the furthest reaches of Mongolia via Dalandzadgad and the Three Camels Lodge. It is a fierce environment. The 1,000km round trip has roads for about 100km, the rest is rocky terrain with barely a track to follow. GPS is crucial. We will be sleeping in gers, making some of the journey by camel, staying with nomads and hopefully having a fabulous experience. Journeys like this in Mongolia are unique. It is imperative to take sleeping bags and enough food to last several days. If the vehicle breaks down we could be stranded for days before anyone is able to get to us. With temperatures plummeting to -20C and heavy snow forecast this should be fun!
Mongolian of the day:- good luck :: amjilt husey