Tuesday, 5 October 2010

the land of blue sky

Mongolia has on average over 250 days of clear sunshine each year. For a chap from Scotland that is mighty impressive. Rightly so. The sky here is bigger than anything I've come across in Africa and bluer than any sky I've seen in the Americas. Mongolia also has two clear seasons: hot and cold. Summer starts around the end of April and ends about now. Winter fills in the rest. However, in between there is about a week or so when things change suddenly.

The green forests that line the mountains have overnight turned firey orange and yellow. The gushing Tuul River has been reduced to a relative trickle (it freezes for most of winter). The days are generally warm around +19C although the nights drop to -10C.

The animals are unsure what to do. There are a lot of wild dogs amongst the yaks, horses and goats. They are less used to the extremeties than their fellow animals. As such mothers and puppies desperately seek out some form of shelter to protect against the coming chill. Not much survives at -40C. More importantly, with such wildly changing temperatures, it is really difficult to know what to wear.

Mongolian of the day:- welcome :: tavtai morilogtun