Thursday, 7 October 2010

funky signposts in Ulaanbaatar

Over the past week or two as I have been running my shopping errands I have noticed a few fabulous signs around Ulaanbaatar. Not only are there many exquisitely named commercial outlets (Bad Hair, Cozy Meat, Best Camel etc.) many of the products they offer are tremendously named.

My top three in no particular order:

1. This has to be the craziest sign I have ever come across. Imagine my surprise as I entered the chamber of solace only to discover that people are warned not to climb upon the throne to defecate; I left feeling rather unclean.

2. For those of us in need of a little assistance (though I did think having Disney characters in the window was a tad sick). This shop offers something for the ladies. For those of us menfolk who need a little help getting (it) up in the morning they even offer some fine products to assist. Obviously this does not apply to myself or any of the menfolk I have the pleasure of calling friends.

3. Perhaps the most obvious piece of signposting. It is a theory long voiced by those fairer amongst us but until now I had never actually seen a sign that rammed masculine intelligence levels home so robustly.

I will keep my eyes open for others...

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