Friday, 7 November 2008

naked firemen alert

On returning from my morning run I informed my wife that the local firemen appeared to be having a recreation day on the beach. Before I could ask her what she wanted for breakfast I could hear the front door closing as she shot off to see for herself. She returned a couple of hours later... I tried to feign a grump but she reminded me that I did spend a good bit of time admirning the local lasses. Fair play. The locals are particularly attractive. I am rather hoping that all this fresh air and healthy eating will have an effect on me too, though I know it's a long-shot.

After a tough morning's work we caught the tail-end of the market to stock up on delicious home-grown produce for the weekend. There is a large market which is held in a wonderful hall and spills over onto the surrounding pavements on Tuesdays and Fridays. The fish market opens daily with an amazing range of fanciful fare freshly stocked daily. Much of the catch is caught within sight of St Jean de Luz in the waters around the nearby town of Ciboure. We are planning to cook up our first paella tomorrow, slightly daunting but I am assured it's straightforward. Headed to Cafe Vauban afterwards for a large helping of moules-frites followed by a fantastic crepes-chocolat (sorry Pete!). Having spent the afternoon equally embroiled in numbers and words we feel we have deserved a drink so are heading for a night out hitting our regular bars: Bar Basque, Cellier Chantevin and Bodego Chez Kako.