Wednesday, 5 November 2008

Judy Dench in French

Quantum of Solace in French, a very different Bond experience. Although the movie is an even less robust Bond than anything IceSave offered, the French adaptation has wonderful voiceovers, particularly for Judy Dench and Daniel Craig who has the potential to become a wonderful 007. For those interested I must share the trailer in French. I struggled to follow all the dialogue but I got the jist from having seen Casino Royale, however, I don't know if the bad guy was French in the version we watched! It is a good action film but needs more sass and gadgetry not to mention title music, surely the PC Police can simply let Bond be Bond. It is a shame that the current generation of teenagers are growing up without getting access to the delights of Bond of yore... or the Bond Girls! Not sure how the French feel about 007, a very British agent, but the audience seemed to enjoy the movie.

Came across these funny wee birds whilst out running this morning. There were hundreds of them, I am assuming they are migrating from some place to another, does anyone have any idea what they are? On our way home we noticed that many of the streets in St Jean de Luz are named after famous privateers, a posh way of saying pirate. The town was originally funded by riches 'privated' by such adventurers and this opulence remains in the form of plentiful boutiques and opulent architecture. The main street of Rue Gambetta has a myriad of shops catering for all. Nearby is the clothing outlet Quinze owned by the wonderful French rugby player Serge Blanco. He is a big hero in these parts having spent his career playing for Biarritz Olympique. Rugby is very much the primary sport in Pays Basque, far ahead of football in popularity. So much so that the kids on the beach kick a rugby ball around rather than the rounder variety.
Remember, remember the 5th of November. Much as we love bonfires, fireworks and toasted marshmallows I regret that we will not experience Bonfire Night this evening. I wonder if there is an anti-festivity held in historically Catholic countries celebrating the life and efforts of Guy Fawkes? Given the recent marital strife in the Madonna household, has there been a twist this year on the traditional plea of 'penny for the Guy'?