Saturday, 8 November 2008

I caught my first tube today, sir

Surf was most definitely up this morning. I counted around 50 surfers braving the cold tides. Not surprisingly my wife spent most of the morning by the beach. After the firemen yesterday I am very much looking forward to the all-women beach volleyball competition! There were also a good number of fisherman wiling the hours away on the piers, it looks exceedingly relaxing, just not sure if I would have the patience. The weather was lovely so after picking up some croissants (a kid in front of me bought up all the chocolatines, most dischuffed) we managed breakfast on the terrace. Afterwards we headed to the fish market to pick up ingredients for tonight's supper. Rather than paella we have opted for a seafood risotto. The market was packed, both with fish and customers. We picked up 250g of prawns for €3, a bargain. Already have some clams and a little saucisson so all set.

Given the weather, we spent the afternoon on the beach. Again, I was the only one daft enough to venture into the sea (without a wetsuit). A real Saturday feeling with myriads of pedestrians and shoppers abounding around town. I am assuming that besides the locals enjoying the weekend that there are a lot of people within the region who visit St Jean de Luz for the day. Even after dusk the streets were busy. A very pleasant atmosphere and certainly not the usual November feeling. The risotto was a fantastic success and enjoyed wholeheartedly with a fine bottle of Chateau Belingard 2005.
Anyone figured out the film today's title comes from?