Thursday, 13 November 2008

hot hot chocolates

St Jean de Luz finally admitted it was autumn today. The leaves quickly shed their green in favour of this season's colours: red, orange, gold and yellow. Somebody forgot to let the weather
know as it rebounded from yesterday and was actually warm. We even saw people other than ourselves swimming in the sea. Somebody also forgot to inform Mother Nature as a very happy bumblebee idled its way across our terrace as I sat reading this afternoon.
I continued my medical theme and successfully navigated various linguistical challenges. In case anyone visits a physio or radiologist in France the following phrases may prove useful:
- "Je ne détonerai pas si je fais prendre une photographie de rayon X"
- "J'avais l'habitude d'avoir huit jambes mais un petit enfant a retiré six"
- "Combien de temps est-ce que je devrais exposer un chat au rayonnement avant qu'il ait été dangereux?"
- "Ce n'est pas ma jambe que vous massez"
Onto my primary challenge and daily stress. In my truly selfless way over the last month I have given myself the honourably horrific and presidentially petrifying task of determing which establishment in Pays Basque serves up the the best hot chocolate. So far my top 5 reads as follows, in descending order (all SJdL unless stated):
5. Cafe Vauban - highly passable beverage, particularly enjoyable for accompanying an hour or so reading Le Figaro, could be more chocolately and/or be served with a chocolate on the side.
4. Le Majestic - similar to Vauban's in quality and stature but jumps a place given its people watching possibilities in the main square.
3. Pâtisserie Etchebaster - thick and creamy and they sell great cakes!
2. Atelier du Chocolat - the best of both chocolate worlds, a chocolate shop that sells great products and also mixes and makes hot chocolate for your enjoyment...but you have to take away.
1. Parador de Hondarribia - a C10th castle across the border en Espagne, this is truly the king of hot chocolates, thick, creamy, sticky, heart chokingly excellent and in wonderful surroundings (I believe most Paradores share the secret recipe).
I hope somebody appreciates the pain I am putting myself through to generate this league table. The quest shall go on.