Wednesday, 8 April 2009

the amazing tractorman

St Jean de Luz has a wonderful beach. That wonderful beach is full of fine sand. That sand is continually trodden upon, washed-up on and treated with little respect by those who enjoy it. There is, however, one man who looks out for the little granuals. Day after day he protects their beauty; combing, cleaning and guarding the serenity. An anonymous man who craves no lime-light but ensures that the equilibrium between happy sand and happy beach-goers is maintained at all times. He is known as tractorman.

On his steely steed he patrols the town's coastline. He is a busy man, particularly at this time of year when the remnants of winter require more wholesale cosmetic work to be carried out along the beach. St Jean de Luz is in debt to him. Annually they pay some €240,000 to ensure he has what he needs to get the job done. And he does. The beach is impeccable and I am sure that the investment is repaid in multiples as tourists are drawn to the sandy shore to admire its beauty.

Tractorman, tractorman,
Does whatever a tractor can,
Can he swim? Can he fly?
I dunno better ask him why,
Look out, here comes the tractorman.

Basque of the day:- sand :: hondar