Thursday, 9 April 2009

la lune

Walking through the winding streets of St Jean de Luz today I pondered how much my life has changed and just how happy life is in the Basque country. The sun was standing high in the sky cradling all in its warm embrace, happy children built fanciful sand castles on the beach, awestruck tourists marvelled at the beauty of the town and knowing locals chatted merrily with one another. It really is a universe away from stresses of economic life one reads about in the newspapers.

Tonight there is a full moon. Having lived here for six months we are now very aware of the importance of such events. Whatever weather we have tomorrow will most likely remain throughout the full lunar cycle. I am predicting rain. We had a strong, balmy wind this evening (always an omen of bad weather I am told) and as the sun set dark clouds began to appear across the ocean. Fingers crossed I am as wrong as I was in my predictions for the Grand National.

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