Saturday, 18 April 2009

tous les jours

Saturday presented St Jean de Luz with another beautiful morning. Rising before the sun I set off along the coast to enjoy watching it appear from my favourite cliff-top vantage point. It being today I had my weekly coffee tutorial with Bruno. I have started to sound a little too much like Inspector Clouseau as I try to prounounce my 'oo', 'ou', 'eou''s etc, all very embarassing.

I returned to find my good lady and Neil enjoying croissants on the terrace. After petit dejeuner we strolled to the market to buy ingredients for tonight's risotto des crevettes. We headed to Biarritz for a quick walk along the beach before heading onto the airport to collect Ashley.

Neil suggested he would very much like an exact repeat of the last 24 hours before they head home tomorrow. It feels a little like Groundhog Day, but we are stuck in a lovely timewarp.

We discovered today that Neil has had three of his books make the Times Bestseller lists, two making #1 for several weeks, and several in the Amazon bestseller lists. The perfect mentor...

Basque of the day:- repeat :: errepikatze