Saturday, 11 April 2009

busy busy busy

St Jean de Luz is beginning to get busy. Easter weekend falls smack in the middle of all school holidays. The Spaniards have been with us along with the Toulousains for the past week and today has seen the arrival of the Parisians and the Bordeaulais. Rue Gambetta is awash with amblers. While it does mean getting to the boulangerie takes a few minutes longer it is fantastic for local businesses and does give a lovely air of happiness as people begin to enjoy their holidays.

Following the full moon on Thursday yesterday was saw umpteen million chats et chiens fall from the sky. Today it is trying to be sunny. I am hoping that this indicates a lunar cycle of mixed weather enabling a little work alongside a lot of leisure.

How we ever managed when we were working full time is beyond me. Since this time yesterday I have been for two runs, had a massage, undertaken my flamenco class, met three different people for coffee, been to church, been for a walk, thrown a dinner party and slept. Today I plan to catch up on some reading - a well earned rest.

Basque of the day:- busy :: lanpetu