Friday, 17 April 2009

St Jean de Luz sunshine

Dawn in St Jean de Luz promised yet another beautiful day. It didn't fail to impress. I am also rather pleased to say that today's flamenco endeavours likewise seemed to have impressed our teacher. She has asked me to dance in public in the main square in June. I fear I may have another pressing engagement that day.

Our friend Neil Simpson arrived today. He is a wonderful author of notable repute and I am hoping to pick up some tips from him during his stay. We toured the streets of St Jean de Luz and promenaded by the shore before finally arriving at Bar Basque for drinks in time to enjoy the evening sun. He hadn't said much as we slalomed the meandering tourists and I feared he wasn't impressed with the town. However, as soon as he had a drink in his hand he gushed forth raving about the wonder of the place. It was very sweet to hear and reminded me very much of my first impressions.

He implied that we were very brave to have turned our backs on our careers and previous lives. I looked around me as the sun dipped into the Atlantic and breathed in the sea air, it doesn't feel either brave or questionable. I now just need to convince him to run the bulls in Pamplona with me.

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