Sunday, 15 February 2009


Day four of sunshine in St Jean de Luz. It's still cold but impossible to stay indoors. After a lengthy promenade I found yet another work-avoidance plan and have started a wee garden on our back terrace. The previous occupants left a couple of plants (species unknown) to which our friend Clare added three chrysanthemums when she was here for All Saints Day. The terrace now also proudly boasts:
- a selection of culinary herbs (thyme, sage, rosemary, mint, chives)
- hydrangeas (it does rain here a fair bit after all)
- a small olive tree (I always romanticised about having an olive grove)
- an acer (my grandmother gave me it a couple of years ago)
- cherry tomatoes (my bit for the credit crunch - grow your own!)
- citronella (hopefully it will keep any mosquitos at bay)
- lavender (it is France after all)
Any suggestions/tips gratefully appreciated as I suspect some of the new arrivals won't see March. I forgot to change out of my promenading gear before starting and my white shirt is now caked in compost and sap.
Basque of the day:- garden :: baratze