Friday, 6 February 2009

drinking and dancing

Once again lunchtime brought about Fabienne time. After my Flamenco confidence of last week this week brought disaster. Until I have mastered it I regret no pictures shall be shown. Till then please make do with a shot from last weekend's journée de l'ours (a dancing procession to mark the waking of the bears, don't ask).

This evening our friends Jean-Jacques and Patricia invited us for aperitifs and canapes. They run a lovely wee hotel just down Rue Gambetta called Les Almedies. We stayed with them on our first sojourn here and struck an immediate accord. Our banter flowed well and they offered to show us their favourite restaurants and watering holes. Along with Pascale, Bruno et al we now have the makings of a fabulous social life and are eagerly awaiting the myriad of fetes that commence next month (with a Flamenco soiree).

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