Wednesday, 4 February 2009

a strong southerly

The recent storms came at us from the north. Following several days of sunshine (we even made it to the beach on Friday) St Jean de Luz was hit by a strong, warm southerly wind today. I figured this was pleasant news given the temperature. Alas, no. My friend Bruno reliably informs me that a warm southerly in these parts inevitably leads to rain the next day. We shall wait and see.

Maria and I have befriended two ladies from our Flamenco class and snuck in a secret extra practice this afternoon. Myself and three ladies 'sevillanned' across our oak parque flooring and 'passaged' by the bay windows before realising we had quite a few spectators so beat a hasty retreat out for supper.

I read today that the Germans have had yet another grand idea. In a bid to clean up their streets dogs are being asked to provide DNA samples to the police. The samples will then be cross-referenced against any criminal dog doo-dahs caught unawares and owners will be castigated accordingly. The pedestrianised Rue Gambetta in St Jean de Luz could benefit greatly from this wizard scheme. Love dogs, hate pooh.

A hefty weather front has started bullying its way through the winds, chewing up the blue skies as it pillages on. It looks like Bruno was right.

Basque of the day:- practice :: praktikan