Monday, 16 February 2009

no monday mourning here

Monday in St Jean de Luz never feels like Monday used to elsewhere. Working to my own timescale rather than an imposed structure the weekdays meld with weekends. The town itself also seems to struggle differentiating. St Jean de Luz is one of the very few places in France where shopping is embraced alongside religion on the Sabbath. I am told even mighty Paris has not been granted this Papal dispensation, and certainly none of the local Basque towns. As a result Sunday feels very much like Saturday here, only with many more people promenading and church bells peeling. Sunday evenings are spent with friends and family eating, drinking and putting the world to right. As a consequence Mondays are treated as more of a rest day after a tiring weekend having a nice time. It really is awfully difficult living here!

Basque of the day:- Monday :: astelehen