Sunday, 1 February 2009

kids and costumes

In order to celebrate tax returns having been submitted on time, a group of local children roused St Jean de Luz with a celebration of traditional Basque dancing and song beneath our balcony today. We tried unsuccessfully to figure out the reason for today's cultural endeavours. There appeared to be some similarities with Olde Englishe celebration: costumes were similar to those I've seen dance the Maypole, masks reminded me of Morris Dancing and the music itself was definitely folksy. However, given it's the Basque country all was presented with a particular panache that wouldn't be found in Kent or Sussex!
Ater a delicious meal at Petit Grill Basque we thoroughly enjoyed Valkyrie at the ever wonderful Le Rex cinema. An interesting film that clearly promotes the EC (not all Germans are bad) though was challenging in French. We left unsure whether the cast had been speaking in straight French or French with a German accent.
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