Friday, 30 January 2009

Flamenco encore

I will not repeat my annoyance with yesterday's strike action or my bewilderment that this futile plague appears to have caught on in northern England and Scotland. Does no-one remember the last time Europe became embroiled in nationalist protectionism?

Today being Friday means Fabienne time and our Flamenco class. I am highly confident that I am by far the best male dancer in the class and that I can kick up my heels better than any of the other men there, largely because I am the only chap in the class. Other more misogynistically oriented men may mock my dancing exploits but I care not and am more than comfortable spending ninety minutes a week in exclusively female company. When will men realise that the way to get on with women is to try and understand them a little.

We moved on to the second sevillane 'La Seduccion' having been told we are masters of the first, 'El Encuentro'. Each chapter is a melee of bourrees, sevillanes, tapers and coups telling the story of a couple meeting, seducing, falling out then reconcilling. Very passionate, mean and moody stuff it makes for a fascinating insight into Basque culture. The sun is shining once again, it reached 19C this afternoon, so everyone has rushed back outdoors for coffee and promenades are twice as leisurely.

Basque of the day:- knowledge :: ezagutza