Tuesday, 6 January 2009

Basque birthday

Today was Maria's birthday, an eternally youthful one as ever. We celebrated with a tour of the many playparks around St Jean de Luz (having Anna with us is a great excuse to lark about). We found four parks and two carousels, Anna was duly delighted!

The other advantage of having an energetic two year old in our midst was the justification of a mid afternoon nap. After a suitably Basque lunch of piperade, axoa (which is also an Indian dish) and gateau Basque washed down with plentiful supples of vin rouge we took advantage of this extra snooze time.

This evening we ventured out to allow the ladies to enjoy the start of the sales. Rue Gambetta was awash with locals and the remaining Parisian holidaymakers all sharing the common goal of finding a bargain. Clare picked up a fab Longchamp bag and haggled an amazing price, I guess being the leading legal light in Bruxelles she was always going to negotiate hard! Roger and I opted to settle into the more familiar territory of Bordeaux Superieur and fromage. A fine way to celebrate Maria's arrival on the planet.

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