Friday, 23 January 2009

teenage kicks

Having Glenn and Elizabeth on board we were insured of two things: stimulatingly challenging intellectual conversation and general silliness. After a lengthy Basque lunch that involved too much red wine we walked out to the fort at Socoa. The protective digue runs some 200 metres across the face of the bay and bears the brunt of the Atlantic's onslaught on St Jean de Luz. It also offers a great place to play dare against the massive waves as they crash over the walls.

Invigorated by our walk we purchased the necessary beverages en route home and enjoyed a plentiful supper of crevettes, cheese, champagne, Patxaran and Izarra. The drinks flowed uneasily easily and before we knew it we were on the beach at midnight chasing waves. This we partook in for some time before we became a) soaked and b) in need of more beverage. Stopping at Le Suisse we each imbided a large Armagnac with Calvados chaser. We met some interesting people in the bar, chances are we won't recognise them again but we ensured we were the last to leave. Sometimes it is good to remember that amidst all this global angst we are all still young really and shouldn't take life too seriously.

Basque of the day:- drunk :: mozkortu