Monday, 19 January 2009

huge surf at Belharra

The weather changed again overnight. Winds howled in from the Atlantic and the sound of crashing waves filled our dreams. Running along the coast this morning the waves weren't simply smashing into the beach defences (digues) they were cantering straight over the top of them, meaning a 30 foot break. I also caught my first glimpse of the legendary Belharra.

Belharra is a reef some 2 kilometres offshore slightly south of St Jean de Luz. Amidst the ocean in the middle distance enormous white mountains erupted from their trans conintental slumber. It is a favoured site amongst the more hardy and hardcore surf community particularly in Spring when the waves are at their most aggressive. Days on end can be spent in the 'greenroom', which I believe means cradled in the barrel of a large wave. The waves can reach upwards of 60 feet. This clip shows some of the locals facing up to the beast of Belharra. I'd love to see this natural spectacular but will seek a safer means than a surfboard to do so.

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