Thursday, 29 January 2009

cause and effect

Mon Dieu! Even the air of St Jean de Luz smelled of militancy today. A day of strike action that had begun with a sombre midnight public announcement crawled cancer-like across the country. All day major cities policed crowds of angry protestors stamping up and down their pavements flag waving and ranting as Black Thursday (jeudi noir) took hold.

As a neutral outsider I have a number of questions:

1. the world has been aware that we are in economic crisis for some time, how does strike action help?
2. the world has known that French finances and economic strength have been in crisis for years, how does strike action help?
3. any logical being appreciates that during a depression salaries and job security cannot be falsely safeguarded just to make people feel better, how does strike action help?
4. Sarkozy is the first French premier to appreciate the modern economic world and is trying to correct the ship before it runs aground, how does strike action help?

Answers gratefully received. Newspapers state that almost 70% of the population supports strike action, I am yet to meet one in favour so presume they are the same 70% that allegedly want for Scottish independence.

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