Sunday, 25 January 2009

bang the drum

The fete in our pretty neighbouring town of Ciboure (see black pudding entry), culminated today with a tamborrada by Marinelak. Local drummers march through the streets singing and playing loudly. They passed by the beautiful church of Saint Vincent which was built in 1555 and is unique in the Pays Basque for its octoganal bell tower. Having completed their march at the Fronton Municipal, a local folk group, Gaiteros, took over, handing out basque song sheets to the local crowds who joined in with gusto, despite the drizzling rain.

Shortly after, we noticed tantalising smells coming from nearby and realised that the traditional food to celebrate fetes, Bixintxo, was about to be served. Long trestle tables were laid out complete with local wine. A Basque male choir was ready to accompany the lunch and a four course meal of soup, black pudding and vegetables, cheeses and gateau des rois was about to be served. Excellent!

Basque of the day:- drum :: danbor