Wednesday, 7 January 2009

twelfth night

Today is 'Three Kings Day' which is a big deal in Catholic circles. Being in the centre of a very large Catholic circle (i.e. on the border between France and Spain) I sought to uncover what takes place. It rather unsurprisingly involved eating and drinking, people in these parts seem to be expert in such past-times.

In France people eat a gâteau des Rois. A rather basic but delicious cake that contains a silver trinket. The person that is dealt the trinket is deemed king for the day and treated as such. In Spain El Día de los Reyes is more elaborate. Children polish their shoes and leave them on the doorstep for the Kings to leave presents in (much the same as our Christmas stockings). Wine and breads are also left for the Kings and their camels. Rather than the gâteau version, the Spanish eat Roscón, a bread filled with fruits and creams. Again there is a trinket, or Jesus doll, contained within that entitles the recipient to a day as a king. Both nations enjoy hearty celebratory meals with their families.

Being home alone this week I bought a gâteau des Rois for the cat and me to enjoy. She is now sitting on her favourite chair wearing crown and sceptre.

Basque of the day:- king :: errege