Monday, 12 January 2009


The sun shone brightly today trying valiantly to help me forget the march of time! My wife knows me best and determined we spend the day out walking. I won't dwell. Other events on this date included:

- start of the Anglo-Zulu war (1879)
- East Pakistan renamed Bangladesh (1972)
- first medical report into the dangers of smoking published (1964)
- Theodora crowned Empress of the Byzantine Empire (1055)
- Vladislav II becomes King of Bohemia (1158)
- Mount Etna destroys parts of Siciliy and Malta (1693)
- Auntie Isla born (????)

Friends assure me that birthdays get easier the older and wiser one becomes, however I think I will always be grumpy on this particular day...

Basque of the day:- ancient :: antzinakoak