Saturday, 17 January 2009

rising sun

I was fortunate enough to be walking along the cliff-top coastal path this morning as the sun raised itself from its mountain slumber. Within minutes of appearing you could almost here it telling itself over porridge: "look, I know it's January but I miss the summer". From that moment the clouds bowed beyond the horizon out of respect and a full on mid-winter summer's day began. The surfers and boogie-boarders were in situ by 0900.

Taking full advantage of this welcome respite (this time last week we still had a snowman on the patio) we have spent the day lounging on the terraces and catching up on reading, fabulous. Our sole efforts have been directed at preparing for the party this evening. To recap, Pascale has requested that all guests bring a pinxtos style dish of their region (or country in our case). After much deliberation we have opted for 'devils on horseback' and 'mini yorkshires stuffed with rare roast beef and horseradish'. I will be wearing my kilt for the first time in the Basque country and am uncertain whether to remain true or protect myself in shorts...

Basque of the day:- naked :: biluzi