Friday, 12 December 2008

flaming flamenco

To paraphrase an awful pop song "I took a flamenco class and I liked it". Seriously, it's hard work what with coordinating your hands, feet, clapping, stamping, legs, arms and then there is the yah-yah-yah-reba-reba-ing... Anyway, I have signed up. Same time same place next week and I won't hear a word against it!!...

Lovely piece on the BBC website about France and the Chernyobl Effect. Apparently when the nuclear disaster hit and radiation was racing across Europe the French stated publicly that it wasn't a problem for them because it wouldn't cross their border. Accordingly, there is still yet to be an official statement admitting that France is in recession. Conversely, they say that they are far from it with a mighty economy that grew an awesome 0.14% in Q3. It is reassuring that there is more than one government that sticks its head in the sand and says daft things.

Basque of the day:- government :: gobernu, jaurlaritz