Tuesday, 2 December 2008

electric forks and cat walks

Very odd day. The weather couldn't decide between snow, sun or thunder storms. Thankfully it mostly opted for the middle one. Out running this morning we came across a wonderful sight, a mature lady out walking her three month old kitten on the beach. Leash and all (see picture left). You don't get that at Bognor.

This follows the pampering other favoured pets receive. Never have we seen so many designer coats, for dogs. Not only that but the poor little pups get carried everywhere, either underarm or better still in a handbag. Together with the existence of many a pooch parlour offering everything from perms and nail filing to teeth whitening and eye tests, there is a definite love for animals in these parts.

As mentioned the weather was largely sun filled. However, I spared many a thought for the fishermen as I looked out into the Atlantic and saw immense thunder storms flashing away across the horizon. The mixed weather is set to stick around till the next lunar change (or so I was told by a neighbour) so more snow, sun and lightning. I must remember to tell mother to pack a warm jumper for her visit this weekend...

Basque of the Day:- cat :: katu