Thursday, 18 December 2008

school for scoundrels

Grant, Peter, et al, listen in... Two local educational observations made this week. First up, primary education. As the local primary nears the Christmas break we have noted that they have been having lots of lovely days out. Some school related such as taking PE on the beach, others less so including a mass visit to the wee cinema, Le Rex, this morning to watch a special showing (kids only) of Madagascar 2 (whatever that is). There were around 100 kids and they lined up perfectly awaiting entry, no squabbling, arguing or shouting and all wrapped up in scarves and matching hats. Very sweet but I bet there was a lot of rustling of sweetie papers.

Secondary education. It must be a joy to be at senior school in France at the moment. There have been numerous teacher's strikes resulting in many days off. More recently, the students clearly felt they hadn't had enough holidays and that it was too long to wait till the holidays so they have gone on strike, creating a full-on barrier across the school entrance. Brilliant. What are they striking about? They are angry about reforms to the French secondary examination course, the baccalaureate, and also about the planned loss of 25,000 teaching posts over the next two years. Imagine, pupils sticking up for exams and their teachers...

Conclusion, treat wee kids properly and they are angels, act like militants in front off adolescents and they will follow suit.

Basque of the day:- congratulations :: zorionak (also means happy Christmas holidays)