Wednesday, 3 December 2008

black rods and local bods

Good to see Mr Rod wielding his staff today in the House of Commons, fairplay, pomp and circumstance is something the British do with phenomenal aplomb. British men really know how to wear feathers and fur and get away with it. Talking of fur, the woman from yesterday was out walking her cat on the beach again today. Why is she training it on the beach? Is she anticipating spending time with it in the sea? Possibly beachball? Perhaps a spot of surfing??

We have noticed quite a few interesting characters since arriving here. First up is 'Opera Man'. He cycles around town singing various arias from Mascagni to Mozart and generally filling the streets with music. There are the '4 Walkers of the Apocalypse'. Four more mature gents in berets who walk at break-neck speed along the promenade never saying a word and generally grumping at anyone who crosses their path. 'Smiley Lady' walks and runs the beach each morning smiling to herself in a state of permanent happiness with the world. What is it that makes her so cheery all the time?? Then there is 'Fat Grey Bloke' who is out running every morning, rain or shine, trying to get fit, hang on a moment, that's me...

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