Thursday, 11 December 2008

parlez vous

Three days till my first Franco-Basque dinner party, so three days to at least sound semi-proficient in French, a tall order... After sitting over my books at lunchtime (I ate way too much chocolate mousse) I decided this aproach wasn't working. Maria suggested we have a cinema evening at Le Rex as an alternative way of getting French exposure.

We did a double-header back to back and I can proudly say that I watched my first wholly French movie and understood most of it! The movie is 'Pour Elle' and I strongly recommend it to all. The second movie was more of an obvious one to follow, 'Le Jour où la Terre s'arrêta', 'The Day the Earth Stood Still'. Very average remake of the 1951 classic, released in the UK tomorrow and easy to understand en francais. Keanu Reeves is very 'interesting' with a French voice. Does anyone know why movies are often released in France before elsewhere?

A sad day today, not only has Gordon Brown stated he saved the world, we have to say goodbye to Woolies (even its site is dead!) and to Oliver Postgate, creator of the Clangers, Ivor the Engine and Bagpuss. Emily loved him....