Friday, 19 December 2008

spinning, driving and fishing

Following yesterday's entry I discovered today that President Sarkozy has ordered proposed education reforms be 'postponed' so as to avoid a Greek-style backlash. We await to hear the response from the pupils' unions. Yes, that is correct, the pupils have their own union, I'd love to hear Ed Balls' view on that...

Christmas shopping today. I took in three cities as I searched for Mrs W's gift: Biarritz, Bayonne and Dax, finally sourcing what I was after in the third. I hope she appreciates the effort! It was an interesting tour of the primary Basque centres, all very different and all very rugby oriented. The Christmas market starts in St Jean de Luz tomorrow and I aim to complete my purchases then. A group of workmen were busily, I use this word loosely, constructing a massive crib. I will report back on this and the market tomorrow.

The winds picked up overnight and when I went out for a run this morning in the dark the beach was being pummeled by waves that had somehow managed to retain their gusto beyond the defences. Also speckled along the beach were several mature fellows with enormous fishing rods trying there luck. I hadn't seen people fishing directly from the beach before, let alone in the dark. The lights at the end of their rods swayed mysteriously as they awaited their prey. I wonder what they were after?

Basque of the day:- fishing :: arrantza