Thursday, 11 December 2008

careless castanets

In my search to integrate into local society I began conversing with a lovely more mature lady over lunch today. I understood fully that she has lived in the Basque country all her life, that she is a widow, enjoys a great social life and has children who live in Spain. About this point my French left me and I nodded very politely for fifteen minutes or so in a Homer-esque fashion as my thoughts wandered to things I did understand like chocolate and donuts.
The lady continued on quite happily as I uttered the occassional 'oui, c'est bon' type comment, laughing and/or scowling as I felt fit for each turn in conversation. Maria joined us for coffee and picked up where my slackness had left off.
As we were leaving the bistro the lady kissed me twice and intimated to meet her here tomorrow around the same time. Somewhat bemused I politely agreed. I asked Maria what all that was about as we walked home. It turns out I have inadvertantly signed up to take flamenco dance classes, starting tomorrow...!!

Basque of the day:- dance :: dantzatu