Tuesday, 10 February 2009

enterprising surprise

Weather: hailstones/rain, gales, 13C
I may have mentioned that St Jean de Luz is a fairly posh place but I hadn't expected this to extend as far as I experienced today. As is common with most towns and cities throughout the world, there are a few panhandlers here. However, whereas in other places this tends to take the form of straightforward begging with a plate not so in St Jean de Luz.
This afternoon, as I drove back from the Spanish border the cars were halted by a small temporary traffic light. As the vehicles came to a rest a chap offered something to each of the settled drivers. It was a small piece of card with some gentle words written on it relating to his circumstances (along with a picture of a meek looking puppy), stapled to the card was a small plastic bag containing a car freshener with a not obscene lavender fragrance. By the time each driver had absorbed what they had been given the chap was walking back up the line asking for a small contribution. It was difficult to say no to such an enterprising scheme. I think it was the puppy that got me.Basque of the day:- commerce :: saleroste