Tuesday, 24 March 2009


Yesterday was our wedding anniversary. My wife clearly stated that she feels I am more than sufficiently romantic throughout the year to avoid any faux requirements on such dates (at least I think that's what she said). It was our sixth.

Six years ago...
- Concorde made its last commercial flight
- the first case of SARS came to light
- Martha Stewart was indicted
- the last ever Volkswagon Type 1 was produced
- UK saw record temperatures reach 38.5C in Kent (temperatures in Paris reach 44C)
- George W was greeted by thousands of protesters in the UK
- England wins the Rugby World Cup
- Porto beat Celtic in the UEFA Cup Final
- Roy Jenkins, Maurice Gibb, Adam Faith, Nina Simone, Gregory Peck, Katharine Hepburn, Sir Denis Thatcher, Johnny Cash, Timothy Treadwell, Bob Monkhouse and Mickey Finn all bid us adieu

Basque of the day:- marriage :: ezkontza