Monday, 16 March 2009

one for the ladies...

As mentioned I am painfully aware that summer is steaming towards us at full pelt. In order to retain the merest modicom of dignity when cafe culture takes to the beach I have been slowly shedding my City barrel. Whilst nowhere near a six-pack I like to think I now resemble a party keg rather than an oak cask. Daily I pound the sand toiling in salt soaked sweat. Every day my good lady also adorns her running shoes and heads out. We run at different speeds and she has told me she prefers to run alone. I was rather pleased with this, feeling it was an endorsement of my faster pace. Not so.

The firemen of St Jean de Luz are now undertaking daily morning training encompassing a run and swim before stretching on the beach. It transpires that my wife is spending as much time ogling the men as she does watching the sun rise over the mountains or the morning sea rolling in from the Atlantic. She reliably tells me that she finds it gives her added motivation. I bet it does. Rather than petty jealousy I am grateful to the firemen. Not only do they do a great job, there are plenty of ladies other than my wife who also enjoy jogging and ogling. They in turn provide me with motivation, it is all give and take.

[please note there is no way I was going to post, let alone take, photos of semi naked firemen, apologies!]

Basque of the day:- motivate :: eragin