Thursday, 26 March 2009

La Plancha, Ilbarritz

Mother and father have arrived in St Jean de Luz for a wee break and a spot of cat sitting while we head back to the UK this weekend. The weather has held up nicely for them. After an exhausting morning of reading on the front terrace we decided upon lunch. To be fair mother had had a tougher morning, she had received a pummeling at the hands of the Amatsu queen, Caroline. Given the weather and warmth we took them to our current favourite lunchtime haunt, La Plancha in Ilbarritz.

It is nestled in a stunning wee cove looking out across the Atlantic. On days like today it is perfect. The smell of warm air mixing with the waves as they crash on the beach exhausted after their trip from New York is enough to make even the grumpiest of bears smile. We had a fab table on the beach and ordered with gusto. Maria: gambas in garlic cream & dourade; Mother: house salad & steak; Father: anchovies & dourade; me: mixed salad & gambas. The desserts here are truly to die for. Although we were more than replete after our ever stunning main course we shared four between us: tirimasu (which we declared the best ever), chocolate brownie in chocolate sauce with chocolate ice cream, raspberry creme tart, brebis with a fruit coulis. We ended lunch seven hours ago and are yet to eat another thing.

Given our departure for a few days Mother Bear has agreed to take over writing the blog in our absence. I apologise in advance for any cussing, crassness or generally untowards language.

Basque of the day:- meal :: otordu