Monday, 2 March 2009

rehearsals continue

The children are all back at school, the Parisians have gone home after the holidays, my wife's friends poured themselves back into cars and planes, and normality has resumed. Or has it?
Two weeks ago saw the start of rehearsals for St Jean de Luz's own full-scale version of 'All Quiet on the Western Front'. This week has already seen the the stage manager having a busy time. Not only have they recreated all of the the trenches needed on set after they had once again filled them in for the weekend, they are seemingly recreating the entire Western Front. A trench some 800 metres long was dug overnight along the length of Rue Gambetta. A sterling effort that must have taken a cast of thousands. Clearly the cast were exhausted after this trial and so clocked off early around half past ten this morning.
The trench is jolly impressive though and I am waiting with bated breath for hoardes of uniformed actors to commence tomorrow. A new machine has also been installed to recreate the sound of anti-aircraft guns. The guy in charge of the production budget must be nearing the bottom of his purse. I wonder if anyone famous will be taking part? (FYI - the method actor who was buried under concrete has yet to be seen again).
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