Sunday, 22 March 2009

St Jean de Luz sevillanas

Our second Flamenco outing. Ninety fabulously attired people with a common wish to dance. A delicious dinner began. The tables were set around the central floor which was continually refilled as each course was presented. By the time dessert began to arrive everyone had danced at least two sevillanas. [select link to sevillanas]

By the time the evening was over everyone had danced at least a dozen sevillanas, along with a smattering of salsa and dollop of paso doble. Although we have been practicing for a few months we are still way behind regular dancers. We were sat with a lovely group of young French and Spanish people, it transpired they were all experts, some professionals from Madrid. Very harsh competition.
(A friend at the soiree has started referring to me as a Bobby whi I believe is a French cartoon character, any thoughts on the subject appreciated as I have no idea who Bobby is)
We had a friend staying this weekend so it was long after daybreak before we finally stopped gossiping and drinking whisky. Today has been spent recovering on the beach, kicking a rugby ball around and eating roast chicken. Early to bed to be ready for yet another stressful week in St Jean de Luz. I need a holiday.
Basque of the day:- tired :: nekatu