Wednesday, 18 March 2009

strike while the sun shines

Tomorrow sees yet another day of nationwide protests. This time they are rallying against Sarkozy and the state of the economy. I know he has a bit of an ego but laying the entire global meltdown at his feet is a little over the top. Some 78% of the population is behind the action and large numbers are expected to take strike action.

It may be mere coincidence that France is also enjoying its warmest March in years with solid sun and temperatures exceeding 25C. I have every confidence that everyone who takes action will be doing so in absolute solidarity with those most affected, by sunburn.Mr Sarkozy was quoted today as saying "social issues often heat up in is normal" [even though it's March?]. Some fear that continued and escalating strike action could see a return to extreme riots like those of May 1968 which rocked France and brought about the demise of the de Gaulle government.

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