Monday, 11 May 2009

meanwhile, back in St Jean de Luz

Departing the south coast of England we decided this had been our most enjoyable trip back since leaving the UK. We saw many lovely people and wonderful places, enjoyed a plethora of sensations and experienced first hand what Britain is currently going through. From the Ferarri openings and City lunches it does feel that the UK will weather the storm.

Our last day was crammed with last minute purchases (HP sauce) though I managed to squeeze in a couple of meetings with a few City big boys which was interesting as always. We made the ferry in plenty of time though after ten days of good weather Friday night served up a delightful storm as we crossed the Bay of Biscay. A large tumbler of whisky provided the necessary medicine. And so, back to the hectic hussle and bussle that is daily life in St Jean de Luz.

This morning as I drove through the Pyrenees with the top down the sun hit my sunglasses blinding me momentarily. For an instant it reminded me of being struck by the bright lights of a projector that might have occurred during a presentation or other in my previous life. When my vision was restored I breathed a sigh of relief and thanks as the mountains came back into view, spreading down the valley towards the Atlantic and our home in St Jean de Luz.

Basque of the day:- thanks :: eskerrik asko