Tuesday, 12 May 2009

sunshine on St Jean de Luz

The perfect morning in St Jean de Luz. The cat woke us up around half five, proudly purring over her new furball. Light was beginning to peer over the peaks of the distant Pyrenees, illuminating the blue sky that would soon be enveloping us. It seemed like a good idea to get up.

Surprisingly we were far from alone as we enjoyed an early morning run along the coastline, clearly today was rousing more interest than simply our own. By eight a.m. it was unseasonably warm. Braving the elements we dove into the spring sea, the finest way to truly wake up, and swam a length of the beach, more would have been foolish. Laying on the beach to dry off we gazed at the few wisps of cloud that were being readily gobbled up as the sun rose higher. Stopping to buy some fresh bread and pastries at our favourite boulangerie we were back home by nine.

This afternoon we ventured back outdoors. The temperature had continued to accelerate all morning and the once empty beach was now entertaining all manner of practice; from chattering mothers and delicate grand dames delicately dipping their toes in the as yet icy sea to cavorting lads playing rugby with evermore energy as they fought for the attention of local girls. Most uplifting were the gym classes that were being held. Two teachers cajoled thirty or so young children in various hand-eye co-ordination initiatives, very funny to watch, particularly the tantrums. It is too hot to get much done other than simply relax and enjoy the moment.

They have recently upgraded the beach webcam and we can frighteningly be spotted from time to time.

Basque of the day:- heat :: bero