Saturday, 23 May 2009

sevillanas in St Jean de Luz

Next weekend in St Jean de Luz there is an Andalusian Festival. At this festival we have been told that we, as a class, will follow our leader Fabiana in a series of public dances. Nightmare! Whilst I am comfortable with 3/4 of the dance, the final 1/4 is still eluding me. Despite the constant kind words from my teacher I am struggling to keep up with my Basque classmates who have all clearly been born into the Basque heritage of music and dance. Wherever I go in St Jean de Luz there is music. Whenever a chance arises there will always be someone willing to sing or dance. It is an important aspect of society deep rooted in local culture. Despite many years of ceilidh dancing I am struggling to keep up. Seven days of serious practice lie ahead.

Basque of the day:- dance :: dantzatu