Wednesday, 13 May 2009

St Jean de Luz lunch break

The weather in St Jean de Luz continues to be unabashedly warm. Being a Scot I am utterly not used to living in this kind of climate, but I am relishing it. No cat call this morning but we were in the sea and back again in good time to hear the end of the Today programme (one of our few hangovers from Britain). Rushing to get our chores completed we managed to escape early this afternoon for a long walk. By the time we had walked for an hour, as well as visiting the very sweet local library, we were ravenous. Our outing drew to a close over a healthy portion of salmon tarte and frites followed by the obligatory chocolate crepes, it makes the daily jog so much more meaningful. Cafe Vauban is a truly French cafe: relaxed, unconfused, tasty and with enough pretension to help you enjoy yourself. It's one of our favoured haunts in St Jean de Luz.There is some cloud cover at the moment though I can see La Rhune quite clearly and off into the Pyrenees. It really is a wonderful view from my office, slightly different to my previous internal open plan set-up on London Wall. Humidity levels have risen during the past hour and I feel a storm brewing out over the ocean so I had best get outside before the rains come for an hour or so of well deserved relaxation.

Basque of the day:- storm :: ekaitz