Tuesday, 19 May 2009

cinema in St Jean de Luz

There is a lovely traditional cinema in St Jean de Luz called 'Le Rex'. It sits on the main Rue Gambetta and could easily be wandered past were it not for its large art-deco signage. From outside it looks relatively humble but that is a ruse. Inside the plentiful foyer flows past the ticket desk and confectionary booth up the main staircase to two screening halls. There is a gaslit red velvety feel throughout, it feels very like stepping back in time. The main hall is the same size as one would expect from a hall in the UK or America but rather than cramming in as many seats as possible it is kindly appointed with both width and leg room. The seating itself is more akin to an armchair than a church pew. Hall two is somewhat smaller and more intimate, more like a private cinema in a luxury hotel.

The proprietor, Xavier, is a kindly fellow. He works hard but always has time for a smile, quick chat and movie recommendation. He ensures that there is always a good mix of films being shown every week ranging from big blockbusters and action movies to art-house films and documentaries. Being still far from expert in the French language it is particularly pleasing that he also shows films in 'version originale' - including English. Tonight we watched 'Anges et Démons' (in French) which was not nearly as bad as the critics had made out, although there was much said that remained not understood. Such is the success of Le Rex that Xavier is opening another three screen cinema at the end of this year, I just hope that Le Rex remains as wonderful an experience as it is now.

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